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Sugbo Best Delicacy – Nindota Ahh!

Sugbo Best Delicacy – Nindota Ahh!


Cebu or Sugbo – capital is Cebu City, the oldest city in the Philippines. It is one of the best places to spend vacation because it is blessed with white sand beaches, tasty cuisine and friendly people. You can buy lots of pasalubong at very affordable prices. It is traditional to us that when we travel in different places, it is a must to buy Pasalubong for our love ones back at home. There are a lot of affordable Pasalubong here in Cebu.


Shamrock Otap

One of my favorite pasalubong is Otap. It is a sweet and flaky biscuit native to Cebu. Shamrock is the most popular and the best brand of Otap. You can buy it in their branches in fuente, mabini, mactan, or even in any malls in Cebu at affordable price.


Dried Mango

Dried mangoes are chewy and sweet. It makes them the best pasalubong that hit among foreign tourists particularly the Koreans and Japanese.


The popular dried mango brands are 7D dried mangoes and Philippine Brands which originally made from Guadalupe. You can buy it in any groceries and supermarkets like SM, Ayala and other malls. You can also go to Taboan. Most of the stalls are selling dried mangoes.


Dried Dangit and Pusit

A trip in Cebu is not complete without buying dried pusit and dangggit in Taboan Market. It is also part of my list in buying pasalubong. They have the best Dried Dangit and Pusit in the Philippines. You can buy the best Danggit and Dried Pusit in Taboan Market. You can also buy it in the SM supermarkets but it’s better if you will go to Taboan because they sell it in a cheaper price than the malls.


Lechon Cebu

Many people said that the best lechon are found in Cebu.Yes, it’s true! Cebu Lechon are tasty and delicious. They have a secret ingredients and spices.


There are a lot of Lechon stalls in Cebu. The best lechon house pasalubong is CNT Lechon found near in SM City Cebu. They sell it by kilo or even whole Lechon.

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The Philippine Island Expedition – Best Islands to Spend Summer Vacation

The Philippine Island Expedition – Best Islands to Spend Summer Vacation


The whole Philippine archipelago is composed of 7,107 islands. With many beautiful islands and islets, the best way to enjoy summer vacation in the Philippines is to go island hopping from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Here’s our top pick of islands to visit this hot season:


Calaguas Island – Luzon

Calaguas Island in Vinzons, Camarines Norte is an island lying in the Philippine Sea and facing the Pacific Ocean. The island, which is situated in the eastern part of province, is just 12 minutes away from Daet—the capital of Camarines Norte. Calaguas Island is known for its fine white sand, azure waters, and lush vegetation. The local community of Vinzons has made it clear to guests and tourists that everyone should do their utmost to preserve the serene ambiance in the island. As of today, there are still no man-made structures or commercial establishments in the island. Tourists have to pitch their own tents and bring their own food and other bare essentials while staying on the island.


Mactan Island – Visayas

A coral island that is part of the island province of Cebu, Mactan Island is among the popular tourist sites in Cebu with many resorts lined along its coasts. The island of Mactan is divided into two: the town of Cordova and Lapu-Lapu City. Mactan Island is just 15.8 kilometers from Cebu City and could be reached through a ferry ride or through the following bridges: Mactan-Mandaue Bridge and Marcelo Fernan Bridge. Being a coral island, the waters of Mactan is home to different marine species including blue-spotted string-ray, jack fish, ribbon sweetlips, drummers, crowned jellyfish, and stellate puffer. Mactan Island is among the best diving sites in Visayas.


Camiguin Island – Mindanao

The second smallest and least populated island province in the country, Camiguin Island is among the most popular paradises that Mindanao offers. Lying in Bohol Sea, Camiguin is dubbed as the Island Born in Fire; the island has seven volcanoes: Mt. Hibok-Hibok, Mt. Uhay, Mt. Tres Marias, Mt. Mambajao, Mt. Guinsiliban, Mt. Timpoong, and Mt. Vulcan. The island of Camiguin offers a lot of tourist attractions and among them are the Sunken Cemetery, White Island, Mantigue Island, Tuasan Falls, Sto. Cold Springs and Ardent Hot Springs. Camiguin Island is also the home of the delectable VjANDEP pastels.


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Keeping Summer Cool in Bicol – Must-See Tourist Attractions in Bicolandia

Keeping Summer Cool in Bicol – Must-See Tourist Attractions in Bicolandia


One of the regions in Luzon, Bicol is among the top destinations in the country during summer vacation. Boasting many scenic views, idyllic beaches and islands, deliciously spicy foods and beautiful friendly people, tourists are guaranteed to experience the best summer vacation ever. Here are some of Bicol’s tourist attractions that you should definitely see for yourself.


Mayon Volcano

Dubbed as the “perfect cone” because of its perfect conical shape, Mt. Mayon in Albay is the most famous landmark in the region. Rising 8,077 ft, Mayon Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world; its last eruption was recorded in January 2010. A trip to the great land of Bicol will never be complete if you do not see Mt. Mayon, which locals say is named after the mythical heroine Daragang Magayon (Beautiful Lady). Consider yourself very lucky if you see the whole features of Mt. Mayon because it is usually covered with thick clouds.


Black Beach

In the province of Albay, you will find black sand beaches in the shores of Tiwi, Sto. Domingo and Bacacay. The powdery black sand is actually a result of Mt. Mayon’s eruption wherein volcanic rocks coming from the lava disintegrated and settled into the coasts of these barangays. According to locals, the black sand in the beaches of Albay has therapeutic benefits.


Caramoan Peninsula

A beautiful and quiet paradise located in the north-east part of Camarines Sur, Caramoan draws tourists around the world. The hilly peninsula of Caramoan used to an unknown town but after being chosen as the location of the reality TV series Survivor not just once but eight times, it has become a major tourist attraction in the country boasting of breathtaking views, golden sand beaches, blue-green waters, and amazing rock formations. Countries that have held their Survivor edition in Caramoan Peninsula are Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, USA, India, Sweden, and France.

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Halo-halo—The Heavenly Filipino Dessert

Halo-halo—The Heavenly Filipino Dessert


The heat of the summer months is starting to become quite a burden and you crave for something sweet and cool to fight off the heat. What better way to do that than to have delicious Halo-halo!


If you're a foreign individual clueless on what Halo-halo is, just imagine it as an all-in-one sweet dessert and the perfect comfort food for the summer (some Filipinos even buy halo-halo as a payday treat after a long and stressful time at the office).


Different Filipino restaurants have their own way of making Halo-halo. In general, though, this tasty dessert is composed of the following: crushed/shaved ice, a combination of condensed and evaporated milk, ice cream, leche flan (known overseas as pudding), purple yam, bananas, and macapuno (coconut sport). You may add other ingredients if you want.


Fast food restaurants in the Philippines serve this treat as part of their dessert line-up. If you’re lucky, you may find a simple food stall in the streets or in your neighborhood offering Halo-halo for as low as 20 pesos! No joke there.


Some foreign visitors to the country are hesitant to try Halo-halo because of the variety of ingredients one bowl or cup contains. This reaction is understandable, since these visitors probably aren’t used to eating food with a seemingly weird combination of ingredients. But if given the opportunity, why don’t you give it a try?


It’s time to harness your adventurous spirit and be bold enough to try something new. Once you take your first bite, you will definitely come back for more!


The Philippine Halo-halo is the ultimate balance of different flavors in one unique snack. If you are looking for a memorable experience during your stay in this beautiful country, then go for it! A taste of Halo-halo is definitely what you’re looking for.